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Vandavasi (Tamil: வந்தவாசி) or Wandiwash is a city and a municipality in Tiruvanamalai district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

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  • MAHARAJA SUPERMARKET prop:HARISH, Bhaskar K (guest) wrote 1 year ago:
    @ NV Mani Sir, kindly visit for shops and places in vandavasi.
  • Sannathi Hr.Sec School , NV Mani (guest) wrote 2 years ago:
    During 1951 to 1954, I studied at Sannathi Patasalai,Vandavasi,for standards 2 to 4. I was staying there at one 'Udayar' street. I remember one Natesa Mudaliyar was my neighbour,owner of a hotel,Saraswathi hotel' near Bus stand. I had to leave Vandavasi in 1954 due to transfer of residence. Now,after many many years, I wish to visit Vandavasi. If possible,please inform changes in the names of roads,places from 1950 to 2014. Can anyone help, so that I will be able to locate those places now, after more than 60 years?? Thanks.
  • Vandavasi, ravi (guest) wrote 2 years ago:
    vandavasi is a parliamentary constituency for a long time. it is on the way from tindivanam to tiruttani connecting southern districts to northern part of tamilnadu and beyond upto tirupati. Road development need to be undertaken to reduce the travel time to tirupati along this route. Railway route also may be thought of if tindivanam is connected to kanchipuram via vandavasi.
  • K.R.K. Street,, sathish (guest) wrote 2 years ago:
    phone number :9360679266. my father is working in business 'MURALI GENERAL STORES'
  • K.R.K. Street,, sathish (guest) wrote 2 years ago:
    i like it
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